FAST annual reports have been audited and are presented below:


FAST Annual Report 2020  (ANNUAL REPORT 2020)


FAST Audited Report 2020  (FAST AUDIT REPORT 2020)


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Joint advisory by Singapore Ministry of ManpowerCentre for Domestic Employees – CDE and Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training – FAST to Foreign Domestic Workers and Employers in view of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Situation.

The key points shared were the general hygiene measures that employers and FDWs should practise, special care for vulnerable groups and how employers and FDWs can have a common understanding for FDW rest day arrangements.

To find out more, details can be obtained here:…/advisory-to-fdws-and-employers…

Stay vigilant everyone and do share this with your fellow friends and also employers.

Advisory to FDW and Employers_final