Befrienders’ Service

Align with the objective of the Helpline and in particular to cater to the needs of lonely and distressed FDWs, FAST launched the Befrienders Service in July 2013 to provide another avenue for FDWs to socialise through group activities. Some of the activities held at the Befrienders Service include gatherings where the FDWs participate in Teambuilding activities, attend workshops,learning events and outings.

The Befrienders Service provides opportunities for the FDWs to socialise and make friends through group activities. We have assisted close to  more than1,000 FDWs adapt to life in Singapore and many of them have since become FDW mentors to their fellow countrymen here. If you’re a new FDW here in Singapore and needs help adjusting, please feel free to call us at 6509 1535 to register for our Befrienders Service. You’ll get to meet new friends and who knows, you could even be an FDW mentor one day!