Our club has 2 karaoke rooms – Lily Room and Orchid Room – available for members’ bookings.  Both fully-equipped karaoke rooms offer a range of songs in different languages, including English, Tagalog, Myanmar, and Indonesia.  Only members may use the karaoke rooms; non-member FDW must first join the club’s membership before they can use the karaoke room.

Members can make bookings through our online booking form, by calling us on 65091535, or by coming on the day to book.  Room charge is $6 per hour.  Members can also book the room for a private birthday party.  

We encourage members to arrive 15mins before their booked time because of the long wait-list.  No-show bookings will be subject to cancellation so that other waiting members can have their turn.  Rooms will be closed by 4:30pm.

When any of these rooms are used for other important club activities, we may need to hold the room in reserve and cancel bookings made.

Orchid Room

Orchid Room is the larger and more popular karaoke room.  It can sit up to 8 – 12 members.  Songs are available for English, Tagalog and Myanmar (Burmese).

Lily Room

Lily Room is the smaller karaoke room for a group of about 5 – 8 members.  Songs available in English, Tagalog and Indonesian

On most Sundays, this room is also used for our regular counselling sessions from 11:00am to 3:00pm