How To Join

What are you waiting for! Just come down and sign up to be a member of the FAST FDW Befrienders Clubhouse at a special annual fee of only $10! (With effect from 1 April 2016)

A myriad of activities awaits you on every Sunday!

Hey do you know that we have around 5,000 clubhouse members now?

Every week, we have about 250 to 300 members patronizing the clubhouse for regular activities such as line dancing, pilates, yoga, zumba, personal protection and prevention programme (4Ps), hobby crafts, and accessory –making and FAST Choir.

Many simply hang out at the Alfresco Area at the Clubhouse savouring their delicious home cooked food with fellow FDWs. On a typical Sunday, the whole place looked like a mini- international food court. Feel free to come for some food tasting. Better still, bring your specialty and share with the others.

Aside from all the fun activities, the Clubhouse also provides learning activities to make your rest day meaningful and educational. So far, educational talks on crime prevention and personal protection, seminars on financial management and entrepreneurship as well as health care and motivational talks were conducted at the clubhouse at least once a month.

From time to time, the Clubhouse also organizes festive and national gatherings. So, do look out for the upcoming events.